Monday, March 30, 2009

Best day of the season

There's nearly two weeks left in the season, but awesome powder days are rare in April, so at the risk of being premature, I'm going to declare today the best day of the 2008-09 season, at least for me (since I missed so much of this season I won't be so bold as to declare it the best day, but I don't care about those days I didn't get to ski...)

The 5 am report said 15 inches (yes 15) of new snow overnight. Unlike many Spring storms it was cold enough to give us the true Champagne powder we love and crave.

On a powder day I usually start on the Pony Express. Today I started there and continued there. When it's deep the run underneath the chair is just awesome, so today I did it three times in a row.

I didn't ski many trees today - I twisted my knee slightly on Thursday so I was trying to take it a little easy - but I didn't need to because there was plenty of fresh, deep stuff out in the open.

Here's the track for 17,952 vertical ft in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

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