Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brian the Freak

I skied today with my downstairs neighbour Brian.

I last skied with him in December when he'd skied a total of seven days (ever) and could already ski the trees with a reasonable level of confidence and competence. Nicole and I immediately named him "Brian the Freak" - meant in the very nicest way.

He's now skied 50 days. He's pretty good. And eighteen years younger than me, naturally athletic and fearless. Hmmm. I'm four years short of qualifying for Steamboat's "Over The Hill Gang", a bunch of over 50's who ski together, but I have no doubt I'll be ready to join as soon as I'm eligible.

Anyway I managed 16,725 vertical ft chasing him around the mountain looking for the spots where the Spring snow was not too crunchy, not too slushy, but as Goldilocks would say, "like porridge" "just right".

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