Monday, July 18, 2005

Sleepless in Hong Kong

I spent my weekend travelling from Steamboat to Hong Kong.

Since we've driven to Denver several times in the past few months, we took the scenic route this time (CO 14 via Cameron Pass along the Cache le Poudre river to Fort Collins). A couple of extra hours, but worth it.

Steamboat to Hong Kong is unfortunately a similar distance to the trip to Australia. Fly 2.5 hours from Denver to San Francisco (which incidentally has a nice new international terminal that makes the Tom Bradley terminal at LAX look like the third world facility it is) and then 13.5 hours to Hong Kong.

As usual I was wide awake at 4am (Hong Kong time) this morning, and now in the middle of the afternoon the urge to sleep is almost irresistible.

We spent a significant part of 2001 in Hong Kong, but I've not been back since 2002. I had forgotten how much I like this place.

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