Thursday, July 14, 2005

A shining light

For all those companies I criticize, here's an example of what I'm looking for. Not infallibility, but simply a willingness to quickly admit that you've screwed up, a frank acknowledgement that your customers have a right to expect you to fix it, and prompt action to do so. How refreshing!

This is from a blog called The Long Tail which has some incredibly profound insights into the revolutionary changes that are happening in the distribution of just about everything.

I suspect that most of the companies that appear here are locked in to the old model of scarcity and mass production (although the lock in is more psychological than real in most cases) where consumers are stuck with whatever they choose to serve up.

The real dinosaurs had an excuse - they had no way of knowing a giant meteor was about to wipe them out and even if they had there was nothing they could do about it. But these guys don't. They actively, deliberately and in some cases defiantly choose not to get it or do anything about it.

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