Monday, November 08, 2010

What's French for spam?

I've mentioned before how much I detest comment spam. But this one made me laugh:
Salut à tous,

Voulez-vous gagner des objets facilement?

Le site web est un un site web facile d'acces qui vous permet de remporter de fabuleux prix sans investir beaucoup!
According to Google this roughly translates as:
Hello all,

Want to win things easily? website is a website easy access that allows you to win great prizes without investing a lot!
Is there anything anywhere on this blog to indicate that I, or my readers, are francophones? Well my wife Marie is, having been educated by French nuns through grade 9, but you can't tell that from my blog (at least until now).

Plus it was attached to a post about Aussies in Hollywood. Since it appears to be a French-Canadian website, it might have made at least a little sense if it were attached to this post which mentions a hotel in Ottawa with a French name.

The scary thing is that as dumb as spammers are, there are even dumber people out there who give them money!

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