Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thanks Sarah

As a new US citizen one of the challenges I face is deciding who to vote for in November. I've wavered back and forth between McCain, whose economic policies are much closer to my views, and Obama, who I believe understands how much damage the childish "with us or against us" foreign policy of the current Administration has done to America's interests not to mention undermining the very foundations of the freedoms that make America unique.

But the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain's VP candidate has helped me make a choice.

Whilst the Republicans are busily touting her executive experience I couldn't help but look at the reality. She's the Governor of a teenage state, sponging off its parents in Washington. Here's a State that receives back two dollars for every dollar it sends to Washington. So how is she going to apply that model to balancing the Federal budget? Here's a State that's so awash in oil and gas money it has no sales tax, no income tax and sends its residents money every year. So what exactly are the tough choices she's had to make as the Governor of such a State?

Added to that, her penchant for firing anyone she didn't appoint indicates she's a "leader" in the mould of George W. Bush interested primarily in loyalty (to her) above all else (and isn't it interesting that we've just had another hurricane in New Orleans to remind us of the results of Bush's "heckuva job Brownie" model of management).

And for someone running as a "family values" conservative, I can't but help look at her personal life and think, "no thanks I've already got a mother and it looks like you've got your hands full". Plus, I'm sorry, but I don't admire the sort of single minded ambition that would allow you to run for high public office when you've got a special needs baby and a pregnant, unmarried 17 year old daughter on your hands. In the same way I simply couldn't understand how John Edwards could run whilst his wife was fighting breast cancer. Talk about your screwed up priorities (little did I know how big a toad he is).

But it was her speech tonight that really sealed the deal for me. I just can't believe that the Republicans wrote her a speech that regurgitated the same divisive, hateful, totalitarian rhetoric that poisoned the 2004 campaign and risks putting America on the path to becoming a one party state where to hold a different view is considered treasonous.

Well I've got news for Republicans. You are the ones who have wilfully and repeatedly betrayed the very essence of the United States, the Constitution, and until you realise that you're not fit to hold even the lowest public office, let alone deserving of another four years in the White House.


SBVOR said...


You might do yourself a favor by expanding your reading beyond the New York Times.

In the sidebar of my blog, you will find a bloglist (including the global edition of the New York Times) which could prove enlightening.

Heck, you might even find my blog enlightening.

If the source of your opinions on Operation Iraqi Freedom has come predominately from The New York Times, you might find the linked series of posts which starts here useful. Note that citations from the global edition of the New York Times are included in that threaded list.

Note: The second and third posts in that Iraq thread are the most essential in understanding the depth and breadth of the media deception.

Give truth a chance!

Steamboat Lion said...

Sbvor, that won't work this time. I'm a libertarian by inclination and I read very widely. The New York Times is NOT the source of my information or political views.

You'll also notice I said nothing about the wisdom or the execution of the war in my post. If that was my only issue with the current Republican party I'd be treating that as spilt milk (no use crying over it) and looking for the best candidate to take us forward from where we are.

SBVOR said...


Perhaps you can explain to me what a Libertarian finds appealing about Obama, the Socialist.

Has your hatred for Bush driven you to madness?

Although I recognize Bush as the most Socialistic President since LBJ, I also know Kerry or Gore would have been more so (and, Obama would be, by FAR, the worst of all). Although I am not entirely happy with Bush, I know that Bush Derangement Syndrome was fabricated by an utterly dishonest media.

Did you watch the McCain acceptance speech?

Have you examined this post in detail?

SBVOR said...

P.S.) To cast Republicans as the more totalitarian of the two parties is really jumping the shark.

Yes, the Republicans of late have strayed from their “small government” values (and, McCain openly admits it). But:

1) The Dems are, BY FAR, the more totalitarian of the two.

A) The wiretap controversy is yet another example of an extremely dishonest media. The Clinton administration engaged in FAR MORE intrusive snooping during peacetime and Bush engaged in FAR LESS intrusive snooping during wartime.

B) Isn’t it “interesting” that the legal battle between Congress and the Executive has now been RESOLVED in FAVOR of President Bush? Isn’t “interesting” that even THE most Liberal Senator (Obama) supported this resolution to the legal battle between Congress & The Executive?

C) Isn’t is “interesting” that the Democratic Congress, with this vote, has FINALLY ADMITTED that what President Bush was doing was NECESSARY in order to defend National Security and deal with advances in technology which the OLD, OUTDATED laws had NOT FORSEEN?

D) Can you name ONE wartime President which has intruded on civil liberties to a LESSER extent than Bush? Hint: There ain’t one!

E) Water Boarding?

There is no evidence that water boarding has been used more than three times (and with life saving results).

2) The treasonous nature and totalitarian affiliation of many Dems is not mere rhetoric. It is extremely well documented FACT which even PBS recognizes.

3) In his acceptance speech, McCain admitted what you and I both understand (that the Republican Party has lost it’s way and MUST return to their core value of “small government”).

How could ANY Libertarian choose an overt Socialist over one who promises to return the Republican Party to their core value of “small government”?

P.P.S.) IMO, you have allowed the smear merchants among the MSM to form your opinion of Sarah Palin.

Steamboat Lion said...

SBvor, it's just a case of choosing the lesser of two evils. This libertarian blogger sums up my position quite nicely:

"Just how batshit insane can the GOP get with its l'├ętat-c'est-nous approach to governance and accountability?

For the last few years, I've assumed that the staggering can't-touch-me kingliness on daily display in the White House was somehow limited to the current occupants. But the King George mindset has clearly infected the whole party establishment, to the point where the disease is both endemic and incurable.

The only thing that can save America from the GOP, and the GOP from itself, is a heaping helping of humble pie come November 4."

SBVOR said...


I am not presuming to know in what context you are using the term, but some who describe themselves as Libertarians these days seem to lack the foggiest idea what the term means (universally).

This goes double to those who describe themselves as “Libertarian Socialists”. Chomsky’s attempt to reconcile the two terms is absurd, even by his “standards”.

Entitlement reform is the only way we will ever save ourselves from the ever mounting national debt that WILL slowly kill this nation.

It is demonstrably impossible to tax our way out of the problem (although lower taxes would produce higher revenues and help a tiny bit). Sadly, neither party is ready to take on Entitlement reform. That’s because the voters not only believe in a free lunch, they demand it.

If you believe the only way to save America is to destroy it (through ever greater Entitlements), then vote for Obama. Personally, I still hope we can save the greatest nation ever.

Again, if you have not watched McCain’s acceptance speech, you owe it to yourself to do so. He ate plenty of that humble pie you refer to. I’m not sure if McCain can get us heading in the correct direction or not. But, I know for certain that Obama will take us WAY farther down the wrong road.