Monday, September 08, 2008

Don't leave home without it

No, not your American Express card. Well yes, you want to take that too, but I'm talking about your passport.

Marie and I went to DC on Thursday. I spent Friday in our office there and we drove down to North Carolina (through the tail end of the hurricane) where her cousin lives for the weekend to attend a family function and then I was going spend Monday and Tuesday back in the office before returning home.

I almost packed my passport, but then I thought "Don't be stupid, why would you need your passport to go to Washington?"

Well you'd need it in case the COO of your company called you late Friday and asked if you could fly to Dublin on Monday to attend a critical customer meeting (critical in the sense of a $15M deal riding on it).

That ought to be straightforward because there's a direct flight from Washington Dulles to Dublin. Straightforward unless you've left your passport in Colorado! So instead I had to fly back to Steamboat last night so I could fly out to Dublin this afternoon. So instead of just flying IAD-DUB, I'm going IAD-DEN-HDN-DEN-LHR-DUB.

Update, Monday 8 September 12 pm: Our customers coming in from South Africa can't get their visas for Ireland in time so the trip has been deferred to Wednesday. I'm glad though that I got to come home for at least a couple of days.

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