Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spring Creek trail

Today we took advantage of the fantastic fall weather to hike the Spring Creek Trail. We did it the easy way; someone dropped us at the top and we hiked down as you can see from the elevation profile.

But it was still reasonable exercise since we walked for two and a half hours and covered 5.71 miles.

As you can see from the photos, the fall colours are at their peak right now and it is unbelievably beautiful outside.

You can see where the photos were taken on Google Maps. Picasa provides the basic capability of associating a map reference with a photo but I had to manually locate the photos by cross referencing the timestamp on the photos to the timestamp on the tracking points downloaded from my GPS unit. One day in the not too distant future I'm sure this will be an automated process.

I haven't uploaded the image of the track yet due to a technical problem on the Garmin website. Hopefully tomorrow.

Update: 29 September 2008: Here's the track from Google Earth:

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