Monday, August 11, 2014

Universal Converter Box

Brilliant comic on XKCD today (even more brilliant than usual, I mean).

But I knew the minute I saw it that it wouldn't be universal. With the plethora of incompatible connectors out there, most of them perpetuated by manufacturers for no good reason (I'm looking at you Apple), it simply isn't possible to cover everything.

I also had a sneaking suspicion that the artist would neglect the lack of compatibility between US and international standards. There it is down there, second from the bottom on the left, a 120V US style plug without a universal adaptor in sight!

Power outlet adaptors are one of those constant annoyances when you travel internationally. I solve the problem by taking a power strip with me, which I plug in using a single adaptor. Then I can plug all of my other devices straight into the power strip.

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