Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Retro skiing

Last week I had a chance to go skiing in Australia for the first time in nearly twenty-five years. I figured if I was going back to the early nineties, I'd wear one of my old ski suits from that era.

Chez retro? Chez chic? Nah. I can ski well enough that I carried it off, but in retrospect, perhaps not such a good idea. The suit is now permanently retired.

I got very lucky with the snow, with one of the best seasons Australia has had in years, and magnificent spring weather, and I thoroughly enjoyed skiing with my best mate Michael and hanging out apres ski with my old army buddies Peter and John.

All the runs I used to think were super hard are now dead easy. But I'm still counting the three days at Perisher Blue as a head start on my 2014-15 season tally. Bring on day 4 at Steamboat!

1 comment:

Pete Rixon said...

Dan, you are being too harsh on that ski suit. It was dead easy to spot you on the slopes. Pete.