Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's Steve Jobs got against left handers?

I often say that left handers are the last group in America that it isn't illegal to discriminate against. And it seems that Steve Jobs is taking advantage of that fact. Here's an image from Apple's latest attempt to obfuscate on the iPhone 4 antenna problems showing how not to hold your iPhone.

As a left hander I'm wondering how else I could hold an iPhone with my left hand. I'm also wondering how the signal on an iPhone would be affected if I shoved it down Steve Jobs' throat.


Lani D said...

Wait a minute... doesn't that grip disadvantage right handers more, since right handed people would hold the phone in their left while using their dominant right to touch the screen?

Steamboat Lion said...

Maybe. Perhaps my perspective is distorted by the fact that I am also deaf in my right ear - so I have to hold a phone to my left ear.