Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I called talk back radio today for the first time in my life. What makes this interesting is that I'm at home in Colorado and I called ABC Coast FM, a radio station in Australia that I regularly listen to online. It also helps that I have a phone service which includes unlimited calling to Australia.

And the issue that fired me up? Daylight Savings Time. Unlike most of Australia, Queensland doesn't have it even though a majority of the population are in favour. The reason is that people in rural areas who have disproportionate influence in Queensland's political system don't like it. Supposedly it upsets the cows or something (as someone who grew up on a farm I can tell you that the cows seem to cope pretty well, but maybe their owners are not as bright).

Finally the Queensland Government has proposed the obvious solution - have daylight saving only in the urban areas in the south east of the state that want it. As I mentioned when I called, there are states in the US that have different parts in different time zones and they seem to cope just fine.

Update: (1 July) Just got an email from my sister telling me that my nephew who lives on the Gold Coast heard me on the radio!

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