Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back home

If you're one of my two or three avid and loyal readers you may have noticed that my posts for the last seven weeks have been coming from elsewhere. I've been on a extended business trip (fortunately accompanied by the Steamboat Lioness for most of it) taking in New Zealand (Wellington), Australia (Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Canberra) and China (Beijing).

We arrived home yesterday to find only a few tiny patches of snow remaining on the highest parts of the mountain and the valley as green and lush as you can imagine and Steamboat's construction boom well underway.

We flew as far as Denver where we took an overnight stop - it helps to space out the process of recovering from the jet lag and adjusting to the altitude. Avis upgraded me from the compact car I'd reserved to a Chrysler 300. It's a big, powerful, luxurious car. And I hated it. It has tiny windows so it feels really claustrophobic and corners like a bus. Hard work driving it in the Colorado mountains. Another fine piece of American engineering. And Detroit wonders why most of the cars built in America are Toyotas and Nissans and Subarus!

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