Sunday, January 28, 2007


The downside of living in Steamboat is that it's tough when you have to leave. The upside of that is that it feels fantastic to come back. I've liked most of the places I've lived (Manila was 'interesting' but I don't think I could actually say I liked it), and there's several cities in various parts of the world where I've spent enough time that when I return I immediately feel at home, but I've never had the same feeling that I get when I come home to Steamboat.

That's a long winded way of saying we arrived back last night from a month in Australia and it feels great to be home. It's especially tough being away during the ski season, but at least I didn't miss a lot of snow.

So now I can continue to work on achieving at least one of my resolutions for 2007, to ski a million vertical feet this season. My other resolution was to spend less time on planes, but given that I've already done 11 flights and 13,000 miles since January 1 I don't think I'm doing so well on that one!

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