Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's so nice to be home

After nearly ten weeks in Australia we finally arrived home today. Our original plan was to be away about five weeks but the project I was working on in Canberra was extended (twice).

We had a great time visiting my family in Tasmania, my wife's family and our old friends in Brisbane and my sister and nephew on the Gold Coast.

Initially I thought I'd be in Canberra only a few days but in the end it was a couple of weeks, so we were able be to catch up with some very old friends from the years in the 80's when we both lived there (and where we met in 1985).

Plus I got to go to three Brisbane Lions games of which they won two, a better return than the four games I saw last year for one win.

We still very much feel at home in Australia. But the feeling of coming home to Steamboat is on another level. I heard some people on the plane from LA to Denver this morning talking about their vacation in Hawaii and how tough it was to go home and all I could think was that there isn't a place on this planet that could be so good that I wouldn't want to come home to the 'Boat.

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