Sunday, June 25, 2006

It takes talent to...

...turn a potential customer into someone who is sufficient pissed off that they'll bag you on their blog. But a company called Casewise just managed to do that.

I use business process and architecture modelling tools a lot and someone mentioned their product. So I found their website where I saw this image:

Great I thought, so now I can download a copy and kill a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon comparing it to the product I currently use (yes I'm a geek - tell me something I didn't know).

So I click on it which took me to a page where I filled out my name, address, email address, phone number and all that stuff which then took me to another page where I had to create a username and password. A lot of work, but hey I'm about to get to play with an evaluation copy so that's OK. Only then was I presented with the following screen:

This is not "We've emailed the download code to the email address you gave us" but rather "You've given us all your details, but that counts for nothing. Contact us again and we'll think about it." What a marketing strategy that is. Not!

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