Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shut up Jason!

Despite the fact that the footy season is now well under way, I haven't blogged the Brisbane Lions in a few weeks. That's mostly because they've been playing like a pack of girls people who aren't men, but also because I don't particularly like the way the game is going in response to this year's rule changes. It's meant to be a game of physical contests, not a game of 'keepings-off'. In fact I've been so disgusted that last week I didn't attend the game against Sydney, the first time in over ten years that's happened when I've been in Brisbane (including the miserable years of 1993, '94 and '98 when they barely ever won).

On Saturday the Lions were a completely different outfit, playing hard, physical, committed and skillful football. Jonathan Brown proved once again what a superstar he is, our other senior players performed to their ability and our young guns showed some real potential and more importantly poise.

The only downside was the absence of Jason Akermanis. Less than a year ago he played what many commentators acknowledged as the perfect game and I was lucky enough to be there to see it (and blog it for you dear reader). "Aka" has been a little down on form this season, but still quite handy, but his big mouth has gotten him into trouble one time to many and so the coach dropped him to the reserves.

How did Jason react? Well he stepped up and played a solid game in the "twos", but of course he couldn't keep his mouth shut for long.

I'm with the coach on this one. No one is bigger than the team. So a few words of advice Aka. Let your football do the talking from now on and shut the hell up!

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