Friday, November 18, 2005

Have they no shame?

It turns out that not only did Sony implement a criminally intrusive copy protection scheme but in doing so they violated the copyright of others! It seems their copy protection software incorporated open source software without complying with the open source licensing requirements.

Sony's reaction to this whole episode as been light on humilty and heavy on the sanctity of intellectual property. If they can't respct other's intellectual property why should anyone respect theirs? All I can conclude is that these guys are shameless hypocrites.

Screwing your customers is never a sustainable business strategy. Will the major record labels and movie studios figure this out before they are consigned to the dustbin of history?

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Ted Amadeus said...

MPAA and RIAA have pretty much sealed the fate of these dumb-down media industries.
Having investigated Linux/Unix, I'm not a big fan of "open source" anything that doesn't work, but once you buy something, what you do with it is your own damn business.
But that ventures into the realm of property rights, which have not existed in this country for some time, now.