Friday, June 03, 2011

Comment spam mystery

I get a lot of comment spam on this blog, which fortunately the Blogger comment spam filter does an excellent job of catching, saving you dear reader from endless ads for viagra, penile enhancement and pirated movie downloads.

I generally understand how comment spam works, even if I think comment spammers are low life scum who with every breathe steal oxygen that rightly belongs to the human race. What I can't figure out is why 90% of the comment spam is on this four year old post about rugby in Steamboat. Theories and explanations welcome in the (spam free) comments.

Of course I just realised that by mentioning viagra, penile enhancement and pirated movie downloads (twice now) this post is inviting even more comment spam!


Anonymous said...

Enable the requirement to enter a scrambled code text before posting a comment and all the (automated) spam will immediately disappear.

Steamboat Lion said...

CAPTCHA (the scrambled code text) is now on. But there are programs that can defeat at least some of those and if not spammers have outsourced solving the codes to the third world.

But that wasn't the point of this post. The question was why do the spammers like one particular post of all my hundreds of posts?

Anonymous said...

Do you think rugby & viagra have anything in common?

The spammers are searching for (among other things) rugby related posts.