Saturday, March 05, 2011

27 percent

March 5 last year hit 100 consecutive days of skiing. March 5 this year is only day 27.

I've had a lot going on this season and last season I'd taken some time off work, so I'm not too disappointed. I have figured out though that skiing every day is actually easier on your body, at least after the first month. By then you're in such good skiing shape you don't feel a thing. Whereas today, after not skiing for a week, everything seemed to ache.

Nevertheless it was worth the pain. The five inches of fresh snow over the past two days made for a nice soft base, not the normal spring crunch, and there were still some nice stashes in the trees, especially on Closet and Rainbow. And the mountain seemed deserted.

Here's the GPS data.

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Sue Leonard said...

No getting lost on the expansive trails at Mt. Werner in Steamboat with GPS in hand. Hope you are enjoying skiing this winter, Dan.
Looking at the mountain it looks like there will be plenty of spring skiing still to come.