Sunday, December 26, 2010

Video clinic

Skiing yesterday mostly involved videoing with my friend Elizabeth who is an intermediate skier and who is very keen to improve (she runs marathons so pushing herself is not a problem). Video is a fantastic learning tool - there's nothing like being able to see yourself skiing to be able to see what you are actually doing rather than what you think you are doing.

I didn't take any video of her husband Rob because I was afraid that shooting his fluorescent lime green helmet might damage my camera.

The end result for me was that it was a very casual two hours on the mountain. Since Elizabeth is not that keen for her performance to be put on Youtube for the world to see and I had some GPS issues (mostly due to operator error combined with some poor user interface design) that's all there is to report.

I'm not skiing today since it's Marie's birthday and we have a whole lot of people coming over to our new house later today.

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