Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pretoria rugby

I had an invite to a corporate box at Super 14 rugby match at Pretoria's Loftus Stadium last night. The local team, the Bulls, defeated the Auckland Blues resoundingly. I'm an Aussie so when a South African team plays a New Zealand team, I'm supporting the referee, so I didn't mind the result.

This is one of the main stadiums that's going to be used for the Soccer World Cup next year and they've got a bit of work to do before then. The worst problem is the transport and the parking. It works fine for the locals because they just arrive two hours early, find a spot and pull out their braai (barbeque or grill). I can't see visitors from overseas wanting to do that.

There's other little things that are annoying but easily fixed (which in a way makes them more annoying). For example, your ticket has a gate number on it. Of course when you get the ground the gates are not signposted with their number!

Update (21 April): I had this photo of the stadium on my phone which I only just uploaded (yes I did forget it was there).

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