Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Thigh burn

It was another big powder day in Steamboat - 25 inches in the past 48 hours - so it was even deeper today than yesterday.

It was also heavier snow since it was just a little too warm overnight to produce the Champagne Powder. That means a lot more thigh burn. A lot more. So I only managed 11,247 vertical ft compared to 18,000 plus yesterday.

I was a little late getting to the gondola so I skipped that and headed for the Christie Express / Thunderhead Express combo and began with a deep, deep powder run down Concentration by which time I was in need of a new pair of legs. After a quick run over to the Pony Express I decided it was time to revisit my favourite tree runs - Shadows and Closet - by which time I only had enough left in my legs to get home via Oops and Vertigo.

Update: here's the map which a technical error on Blogger was preventing me from uploading earlier.

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